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Saturday SAT 7 October 2023

Marala © Marala


BassBariTenori © Michael Hedl

Marala / BasBariTenori


Saturday 7 October 2023




Selma Bruna, Stimme, Pandeiro-Quadrat

Clara Fiol, Stimme, Pandeiro-Quadrat

Sandra Monfort, Stimme, Gitarre


Filip Tyran, Tenor, Klavier, Ukulele

Ruben Gludovacz, Tenor, Gitarre

Pavel Malý, Bariton, Tambura

Tome Jankovic, Bass, Kontrabass



Tome Jankovic


Ruben Gludovacz, Johannes Herbst

Wenn i dann aufwoch

Thorsteinn Einarsson, Jonathan Reiner, Ruben Gludovacz, Michael Zöttl

Oide Zeitn (Bearbeitung: Filip Tyran, Ruben Gludovacz, Pavel Maly, Tomas Jankovič)


Clara Fiol, Sandra Monfort, Selma Bruna

Canteu a l'albat

Selma Bruna, Clara Fiol, Sandra Monfort

A la vora del riu mare

Jota de morir


Ramo Verde. Volkslied aus Spanien (Bearbeitung: Sandra Monfort)

Sandra Monfort

Llenguatge dels cossos

Selma Bruna


Clara Fiol


Selma Bruna, Clara Fiol, Sandra Monfort

Canción del Varear

Nana naneta


Medienpartner Ö1 Club

Subscription series Spielarten


Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

World-embracingly wise

Marala and the BasBariTenori perform true vocal wonders in the cycle »Spielarten«: The three musicians of Marala convince with finely spun sounds and their own stories full of poetry. In their programme »A trenc d'Alba«, the singers from Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca have been inspired by the folk music traditions of Spain. In addition to this programme, they will also present excerpts from their latest project »Jota de morir«, which combines folk and pop. The four young men of BasBariTenori, for example, drew on traditional melodies as well as lyrics of the Burgenland Croats and also on songs from Vienna: they are from Slovakia and Austria, but what they have in common is the life of the Burgenland Croats. In this way, the quartet creates music that is happy as well as sad, world-embracing and wise.

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