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Koi Ankathie © Carola Schmidt

Ankathie Koi

Saturday 27 April 2024
20:30 – ca. 22:30



Ankathie Koi, Gesang, Gitarre

Nick Ratterton, Klavier

& Band


Ankathie Koi, Georg Nöhrer, Lukas Klement, Ross Stanciu


Ankathie Koi


Ankathie Koi, Dominik Beyer

I deal love

Ankathie Koi

Du bist heiß

Ankathie Koi, Dominik Beyer, Ross Stanciu


Ankathie Koi

Baby boy

Ankathie Koi, Georg Nöhrer, Lukas Klement, Ross Stanciu

Nein, nein

Ankathie Koi, Powernerd Paddy


Ankathie Koi, Julian Hruza, Manuel da Coll


Ankathie Koi, Patrick Pulsinger, Samuel Irl

The light

Ankathie Koi

Black mamba

Amour fou

Ankathie Koi, Georg Nöhrer, Lukas Klement, Ross Stanciu

Rette sich wer kann

Tanz dich rein

Ankathie Koi

Little hell



Ankathie Koi

Du bist heiß

Kate, it's hunting season


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Konzert mit Stehplätzen im unbestuhlten Parterre · Sitzplätze ausschließlich am Balkon

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Vocal Power with a Nonchalance Factor

A voice spanning four octaves that would make Annie Lennox green with envy, powerful basses, witty stories and 80s synth sounds, but on the other hand also jazzy songs with piano accompaniment - that's what makes Ankathie Koi's music worthy of the title »hot«. Regardless of whether Ankathie Koi takes the stage in a band setting or in singer-songwriter mode with pianist Nick Ratterton - it is certain that the mood in the hall will gain intoxicating intensity for the next two hours. »The melodies are such that they immediately stick in the ear, the nonchalance factor a really high one« was read in the mica music magazine on the occasion of their song »Kate, It's Hunting Season« (2015). The singer, who was born in Burghausen, Bavaria, in 1983, has made Vienna her home base for quite some time now, and since then it has been impossible to imagine the local pop scene without her »unearthly good voice«.


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