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Aynur © Nadja Pollack (Ausschnitt)


The Alevi poet Aynur has become an international sensation for her socio-critical lyrics and her ability to combine Kurd tradition with musical openness. Her songs talk about «history» as well as «stories» relating to her own experience, to old people and the texts are taken from archives or written by Aynur herself. She has become known outside Turkey, too, and her concerts all across Europe pay testimony to the universality of her musical language.

Tuesday, 17. January 2017, 07.30 PM

Nadja Kayali und Johannes Maria Bogner

Resonanzen Nachtkonzert: Johannes Maria Bogner / Nadja Kayali

Saturday, 28. January 2017, 09.30 PM

© Svenska Biografteatern (Ausschnitt)

Monday, 27. February 2017, 07.30 PM

Naturally 7 © Naturally 7

Naturally 7

Wednesday, 05. April 2017, 07.30 PM

Johannes Dickbauer © Julia Wesely (Ausschnitt)

Carte blanche Johannes Dickbauer «All the way across»

Saturday, 20. May 2017, 07.30 PM

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