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Resonanzen «Pastimes»

21 – 29 January 2017

The Dominican monk Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639) wrote his famous dialogue Civitas Solis or The City of the Sun while in prison at the beginning of the 17th century. In his utopian society, «public services, arts, crafts and labour are divided up among everyone, so that the individual must work no more than four hours. For the rest of the time, they are free to study, debate, read, tell stories, write, go for walks, and indulge in intellectual and physical pursuits and pleasures.» In this ideal community, nothing is hated more than idleness, «the root of all slothfulness, bodily disease and debauchery.» The Citizens of the Sun are also for forbidden from «playing any games that are played sitting down, such as dice or chess and such like. They play ball and with bows and arrows, etc.»

It goes without saying that under the sceptre of Louis XIV, for example, this «City of the Sun» didn't come even close to becoming a reality or wasn't intended to be. And it is perhaps no coincidence that, by contrast, precisely that chapter of history, when Campanella's «prohibitory fervour» and its conscientious employment policy went too far when it came to promoting «the people's health», is one of the blackest.

In the field of tension between working musicians and audiences assembled to experience time filled with sound – the classic concert situation – the 25th edition of the Resonanzen Festival plays with the (social) historicity of the concept of leisure time and invites you to experience the historical contexts of music with a top international line-up of ensembles. The different ceremonial and leisure backdrops range from Zimmermann's Coffee House in Leipzig where Bach could be let his hair down musically «in private», or the colorful streets of Havanna through which the Cuban ensemble Ars Longa will take you, to the royal hunting grounds of the 18th and 14th centuries, or the boisterous frolicking of an English pub hidden away from the joyless Puritanism of Cromwell's England or the erotic tease of a theatre box during a private opera performance at the start of the 18th century.

Ever since its began a quarter of a century ago, the Resonanzen Festival has a made a name for itself in offering tailor-made programmes in superlative performances. Because your leisure time is our central concern (and we love our work), we take a lot of care and great joy in putting together every year a unique package of concerts I the hope of challenging, enchanting and encapturing you! Thank you for 25 years of loyalty and a warm welcome to all new Resonanzen Fans!

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