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Conjunto de Música Antigua Ars Longa

Conjunto de Música Antigua Ars Longa © lemontquidomine 2014

Resonanzen »The Ten Commandments«

18 – 26 January 2020

We are living in times where religious fundamentalism is on the increase, where people are leaving the church in droves, where previously held values are turned on their head, and where reactionaries are completely disorientated. We are living in contradictory times. On the one hand, our secularised relationship to central tenets of faith such as the Ten Commandments are captured in cartoons depicting Moses with his tables of law on Mount Sinai as the first man who »downloaded data from the cloud onto a tablet«. On the other, religious zealots call for the death of satirical cartoonists. In »Resonanzen« 2020, there will be a concert dedicated to each of the Ten Commandments in a sort of euphonious decalogue depicting the tension between divine behest and human action.

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