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Großes Foyer

Großes Foyer © Lukas Beck

Ticket help

By clicking on the chosen concert or event, you can view a detailed programme of performers and works. Here you will also find a function to purchase tickets or information about when booking opens. You can also ask to be reminded by email of the starting date of booking.

Just four steps

The individual steps of ticket purchase are shown in the green bar, which you also use for navigation. Your shopping basket is top right.
Click on »buy ticket « and you can either choose your seats yourself in the seating plan or you can request the best available seats in any category.
The tickets are placed in the shopping basket. Now you can either continue shopping for other events, subscription series or products or move on to the next step – to »Personal Data«.
If you are already registered with, log on using your username and password If you are a new customer, please register.
Once you have logged on, you can change your personal data, view your membership status, or register for membership. Now go to the next stage – to »Payment«. Here you can choose between payment by bank debit or by credit card. If you have already paid using the SEPA bank debit system, your bank details will be shown.
Now you will go to the final step – to »Finalize«. Here you will find a summary of all information, you can redeem vouchers and choose whether you would like to have your tickets sent by e-mail (print@home or Passbook), by post or collect them at the Ticket- & Service-Center. If the event you have chosen takes place within the next 10 days, your tickets will be held for collection at the Ticket- & Service-Center. If you click on »Finalize purchase«, the purchase details will be transmitted to the Ticket- & Service-Center. You will see a confirmation page and will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming that your purchase has been successful.

Smart help