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Education – Adults – Listening anew



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Im Klang

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Listening anew

Listening anew

Would you like to discover the world of classical music afresh? Then the subscription series «Neu(es) Hören» (Listening anew) will be just right for you. The introductory talk with a slightly different touch brings you guests with a ride range of expertise, offering insights, background and contextual information for the works being performed, discovering historical ties and bringing the works into the present day.



In Vienna’s most innovative concert series, you can hear classical masterpieces in one-hour concerts in the Main hall on Fridays at 7 pm. Afterwards, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra invite you and the evening’s soloists to round the evening off and let your hair down in the Grand Foyer, where classical sounds meet jazz, brass and Viennese songs!


Moderated concerts

Although music is a universal language, it can sometimes be helpful within the context of a concert to use words to explore and illuminate the background to and possible interpretations of pieces of music. If famous moderators, or perhaps the musicians themselves find the right words to explain the works  in family concerts and matinees, then they can help «sharpen» your ears for, say, new compositions. 


Cultural outreach

As part of cooperations with other cultural institutions, a number of concerts are performed outside of the Wiener Konzerthaus, not only to open up our house to the people of Vienna, but also to, for example, people with a migration background. In addition, new cooperation agreements with cultural institutions such as mumok provide exciting new encounters between the arts.


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