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Imany © Barron Claiborne


The music of Imany is emotional and honest. She writes her own songs. They are songs of leaving and of the search for identity. The extremely talented French artist with African roots, with her expressive and smoky voice, is certainly someone who is not afraid to cross borders: Imany is spell-binding as she elegantly switches genres, from soul to jazz to folk, blues and pop.

Wednesday, 18. October 2017, 07.30 PM

Gisela João © Estelle Valente (Ausschnitt)

Gisela João

Friday, 10. November 2017, 07.30 PM

© Voyagerix / Adobe (Ausschnitt)

Wien Modern: Webern Kammerphilharmonie / Pironkoff «Les Espaces Acoustiques»

Thursday, 16. November 2017, 07.30 PM

Chick Corea © Toshi Sakurai (Ausschnitt)

The Corea / Gadd Band

Thursday, 23. November 2017, 07.30 PM

China Moses © Sylvain Norget (Ausschnitt)

China Moses

Friday, 08. December 2017, 07.30 PM

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