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Großes Foyer

Großes Foyer © Lukas Beck

Tips for your visit

Meeting Point

As a rendezvous, the statue of Beethoven in the Grand Foyer is the most popular, central and easy-to-find meeting point.

For Early Arrivals

Access to the auditoria of the Konzerthaus is normally granted 45 minutes before the start of an event. Beforehand, early comers may care to enjoy the buffet at the Berio Hall or the wine bar near the Beethoven statue in the Grand Foyer – both open until 10 minutes before the start of a performance.


For further information please go to Food & Drink.

After the Concert

To round off the evening at the Konzerthaus, why not enjoy the culinary delights of the house's own Restaurant Weinzirl? In addition to serving dinners, vegetarian and main courses designed around fish or meat, the restaurant offers its specialty, »Schmankerln«, warm and cold delicacies as a way of sampling its seductive cuisine.
Weinzirl – Restaurant im Konzerthaus


Smoking is not permitted in the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Toilets for the Handicapped

The Wiener Konzerthaus has four toilets equipped for the handicapped:
2 UG (2nd basement) – the toilet facilities at the Berio Hall;
EG (ground floor) – in the vestibule near the lifts for the Great Hall;
ZG (mezzanine) – the toilet facilities for the Schubert Hall near the lifts for the Great Hall;
1 OG (level 1) – on the right rear side of the parterre level, near the lifts for the Great Hall.

Passenger Lifts

All floors of the Wiener Konzerthaus can be reached directly by lift.
The lift in the entrance foyer at the Lothringerstrasse for:
2UG (2nd basement) – the Berio Hall;
1 OG (level 1) - Great Hall (circle, parterre and »Estrade«) and the Schubert Hall;
2 OG (level 2) – Great Hall (balcony and boxes).
The lift in the garderobe vestibule of the Mozart Hall for:
1 OG (level 1) – Mozart Hall (»Fauteuil«, circle and parterre);
2 OG (level 2) – balcony, left side.
The new lift for:
1UG (1st basement) – Buffet Berio Hall;
1 OG (level 1) – Great Hall (circle, parterre and »Estrade«), the Mozart Hall and the Schubert Hall;
2 OG (level 2) – Great Hall (balcony and boxes);
3 OG (level 3) – Great Hall (»Galerie«);

Events for and Concert Visits with Children

The Wiener Konzerthaus has special events for children up to the age of 12 years (e.g. the Piccolo« and »Concertino« cycles).
However, children from the age of 5 years are also welcome at all other Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft events. However, the management asks the concert goers, both with interests of the child as well as those of other members of the audience in mind, not to have a child – irrespective of the child's age – accompany them if the child's level of maturity and behaviour is not attuned to the demands of a concert visit.
The management notes that, for reasons of safety, no prams or strollers are permitted in any concert hall, not even for children's events.


The encore notification service of the Wiener Konzerthaus can inform you via text message within minutes after the end of the concert which encores were played – naturally, only for those concerts you bought tickets for. Please register here.

You can find the titles of the encores performed at concerts on our website, one day after the concert. Click first on the tab Programme & Tickets and click on the chosen concert.

Lost property

Should you have left an item in the cloakroom or elsewhere in the Wiener Konzerthaus, please call +43 1 24200-0 or send an e-mail with a description of the item to

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