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Mira Lu Kovacs & Sophie Lindinger

Mira Lu Kovacs & Sophie Lindinger © Hanna Fasching

Mira Lu Kovacs & Sophie Lindinger

»Alone, Not Alone«

Friday 24 February 2023
21:00 – ca. 23:00



Mira Lu Kovacs, Gesang, Gitarre

Sophie Lindinger, Gesang, Gitarre


Sophie Lindinger

I don't wanna meet her

Mira Lu Kovacs


Sophie Lindinger

How to love somebody fully

Mira Lu Kovacs


Sophie Lindinger

Say my name

Mira Lu Kovacs

Play dead

Sophie Lindinger

Happy pills

Mira Lu Kovacs

Don't love me like that

Sophie Lindinger


Mira Lu Kovacs

Silently agree

Sophie Lindinger

Nothing I know so well

Mira Lu Kovacs

The plan

Sophie Lindinger

The winner

Mira Lu Kovacs


Sophie Lindinger


Mira Lu Kovacs

Stay a little longer

Mira Lu Kovacs, Sophie Lindinger


Try me


Medienpartner FM4 und The Gap

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Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

»Alone, Not Alone«

This is the motto of the concert by Mira Lu Kovacs and Sophie Lindinger. Both are among the most prominent musicians in this country and their collaboration always guarantees good songs. A self-confident appearance, a clear message and an unusual artistic range characterize Mira Lu Kovacs. Among other things, she reinforces the band My Ugly Clementine, founded by Sophie Lindinger, on guitar. Ensemble founder Sophie Lindinger not only likes to pick up the bass in My Ugly Clementine, but also writes the songs, among other things. On this evening, the two extraordinary musicians share the stage and can be experienced for the first time at the Vienna Konzerthaus in a musical dialogue - »Alone, Not Alone«.

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