ThursdayTHU 9 March 2017

John Malkovich © Nadja Klier / photoselection (Ausschnitt)

John Malkovich / Martin Haselböck

«Just Call Me God: A dictator's final speech»

Sunday 12 March 2017
Großer Saal


John Malkovich, Schauspiel

Sophie von Kessel, Schauspiel

Martin Haselböck, Orgel

Franz Danksagmüller, Elektronik, Sampling

Michael Sturminger, Regie


Michael Sturminger

Just Call Me God: A dictator's final speech. Theaterstück

Martin Haselböck

Musik zu «Just Call Me God: A dictator's final speech»

sowie weitere Werke für Orgel von Johann Sebastian Bach u. a.


Medienparter Der Standard

Subscription series Orgel
Das STANDARD-Konzerthaus-Abo

Links http://www.haselboeck.org

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

«Just Call Me God: A dictator's final speech»

After their prize-winning psychological portraits of the serial killer Jack Unterweger and the womaniser Giacomo Casanova, the latest project of Michael Sturminger and John Malkovich is the highly topical Gesamtkunstwerk, combining theatre, film and music, entitled «Just Call Me God». The piece is characterised by its fearless exploration of human limits and of the causes and mechanisms of tyranny, as Martin Haselböck and John Malkovich look into the dark soul of the dictator. When the charismatic Hollywood star meets the queen of instruments, the organ, the remarkable encounter is not only accompanied by Martin Haselböck’s own special compositions, but also organ works by Johann Sebastian Bach, César Franck, Charles-Marie Widor, Olivier Messiaen and György Ligeti.

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