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Booking conditions

The booking conditions and discounts in apply only to productions of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft, and which are marked with a dark green dot. Different conditions apply to productions by other promoters: details may be obtained from the Ticket- & Service-Center or from the respective promoters.

Advance booking

Information about the start of booking or extended periods of advance booking for a concert of interest will be found in the detailed information for that concert. It is also possible to request an e-mailed reminder about the starting date for advance booking.
Advance booking for Members of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft begins at least seven days before sales to the general public.

Telephone booking

Bookings may be made by telephone from the start of advance booking, with payment by credit card. Purchased tickets can be collected from the Ticket- & Service-Center directly up until the start of the event. No refund of the purchase price is possible in the event that tickets are not collected.

Ticket orders and purchases

Ticket orders and purchases however transacted are binding, no return of tickets and refund of purchase price once ordered or purchased is possible. Neither are reservations on approval accepted. However, for concerts that are sold out, returned tickets are accepted by the Ticket- & Service-Center for sale on commission of 10%.

print@home and Mobile Ticket (Passbook)

When purchasing online, you can choose between print@home, Mobile Ticket (Passbook) or postal delivery. To ensure that the use of your print@home or Mobile Tickets is safe and secure, please take note of the following: each ticket is only valid for a single admission to the event and is automatically deactivated for subsequent admissions once the QR-code has been electronically scanned for the first time. Holders of additional print-outs or copies or of identical Mobile Tickets will not be admitted and are not entitled to exchange the ticket or to receive a refund of the purchase price. Please keep your tickets and/or data safe and ensure that they cannot be accessed without your permission by someone else. Admittance is only awarded to to the holder of the first Mobile Ticket or the first print-out of the ticket presented. It is not revelant for admittance whether you can prove yourself to be the person who purchased the ticket.

Service charge

A handling fee of €2.50 is charged per transaction on all online purchases with postal delivery, as well as on all written orders for individual tickets, vouchers and articles. No service charge is made on online purchases of memberships and subscription series.

Data security (Cooperation events)

The personal data required for the purchase, order or enquiries about tickets are not transferred to third parties. The exception here is the limited transfer of personal data in events with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Klangforum Wien, which the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft offers in cooperation with the ensembles (cf. the notice for individual series). By purchasing a ticket for a cooperation event you consent to
a) the transmission of submitted personal data to the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft as well as to the cooperation partner for marketing purposes for events by the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft and the cooperation partner,
b) to receive via e-mail information about events from the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft and the cooperation partner.
You can revoke this declaration of consent at any time making it inadmissable for any further use of your personal data.

Programme or artist changes

Changes to the programme or to the performers do not entitle ticket holders to claim a refund or to exchange the tickets. The information on the website about performances is updated daily.


Usually when a concert is cancelled, a replacement concert will be scheduled. If that is not the case, we request you return your tickets to the Ticket- & Service-Center within a period of six months.

Concert date clash

If concerts in two cycles should overlap on a given day, you may exchange the tickets for one of the concerts (when sales to the general public have opened for that concert) for those of another concert (ticket availability permitting). The value of your subscription tickets will be offset against the price of the exchange tickets (if of the same or higher price category).

Subscription series overlaps

If the dates of concerts of different subscription series clash, you may return the tickets to the Ticket- & Service-Center once regular booking has opened and exchange them for tickets to a concert of your choice (depending on availability). The price of your subscription tickets will be offset against the purchase price of the chosen concert (equivalent or higher category).

Video and audio recording

Making video and audio recordings during a performance is forbidden. If Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft has sanctioned live or recorded TV, film or video recordings are being made, the ticket holder implicitly accepts that he or she might be included in a broadcast, film or video and that such images may be freely utilized by the copyright owner.

House rules

By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder declares his or her acceptance of the house rules of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft (pdf, 200 kb, German only).

Conditional sale

Tickets, membership cards, vouchers and purchased items remain the property of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft until the purchase price and other related costs and fees have been paid in full.

Ticket purchase

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