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Service – Smart help – Coronavirus: Information for our visitors

Smart help

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Your Safety:
So you feel comfortable

In times of the Covid 19 pandemic, we care deeply about the health and safety of our audiences and everyone involved in the performance. We are, therefore doing everything we can to make your visit to the Wiener Konzerthaus as safe as possible.

In accordance with the current decree of the federal government, different access rules apply to the individual events at the Wiener Konzerthaus, depending on the number of visitors:  

  • 1G-Booster-Plus rule for events with more than 1000 people.
  • 2G-Plus rule for events with up to 1000 people
  • For events with 1G-Booster-Plus rule you need:  

    A 1G-Booster proof: 3x vaccinated or recovered + 2x vaccinated. You can find all details here.
  • Additionally a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours and valid until the end of the event. The date and time of the test collection is valid.
  • An official photo ID 
  • A valid admission ticket

A list of all events with 1G-Booster-Plus rule until the end of February 2022 can be found here.

For events with 2G-Plus rule you need:

  • A proof of 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered). For more information, see the paragraph »Proof documents of the 2G rule«.
  • Additionally a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours and valid until the end of the event. The date and time of the test collection is valid.
  • An official photo ID
  • A valid admission ticket

Mask requirement:

  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory throughout the building, including during events, to provide the best possible protection against infection for yourself and others.
  • For children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years, mouth-nose-protection is mandatory.

Proof documents of the 2G rule (»vaccinated or recovered«)

  • Proof of a Corona vaccination* (Since 15th August 2021, a vaccination is considered proof only when fully immunized, i.e. from the day of the 2nd vaccination or from the 22nd day after vaccination, only for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, where only one vaccination is required).
  • Medical confirmation of survived infection (6 months from recovery).
  • Recovery certificate of an overcame infection (6 months from recovery)
  • Certificate of isolation (valid for 6 months from the date of issue).

Exception: There is an exception to the 2G-Plus rule only for persons who are not allowed to be vaccinated for health reasons. These individuals require a physician's confirmation, a negative PCR test, and they must wear an FFP2 mask.

*Notes on 2G proof:

  • Individuals immunized with Johnson & Johnson's vaccine will need a 2nd dose as proof for the 2G rule beginning January 3, 2022.
  • All vaccinations will only be valid for 270 days (9 months), after which a 3rd dose will be needed as proof for the 2G rule.

Exceptions to the PCR test proof:
If it can be credibly shown that no PCR test result is available due to capacity reasons or a time delay, proof of PCR test submission (e.g. mail, confirmation) in combination with a rapid antigen test from an authorized body (not a »living room self-test«) that is not older than 24 hours also applies.

Admission rules for different age groups:

  • There are no admission rules for children up to 5 years old.
  • For children from 6 to 11 years old, the »Ninja Pass« will be accepted as proof of entry. A fully taped pass is also valid on weekends. For this age group, the PCR test is valid for 72 hours and the antigen test for 48 hours.
  • For children 12 to 15 years old, the 2.5G rule (vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested) applies. The »Ninja Pass« applies during the week but not on weekends, here a PCR test is required, this is valid for 48 hours for this age group.
  • From the age of 15, the same rules apply to teenagers as to adults: the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered).

Admission: from 1 hour before the start of the concert

Hall admission: from 30 minutes before the concert starts

The EssDur restaurant and all buffets in the Wiener Konzerthaus are open for you before the concerts and during the interval.

Ticket & Service Center
Please note that the Ticket & Service Centre also requires proof of 2G and the wearing of an FFP2 mask.

Prevention concept

You can find our prevention concept here (at moment only available in German). The resulting measures are continuously adapted to the respective situation and further developed:

  • Contactless access control
  • Professional admission management
  • Installation of wayfinding systems
  • Personalized card purchases & contact tracing
  • Strict hygiene regulations
  • self-disinfection possibilities
  • Trained employees

Further information

What we contribute to your safety

Information on free PCR test offers

What you can do to contribute to safety -
How do you protect yourself and others?

FAQs - Information on ticket sales in times of Covid-19


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