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Festive Days of Early Music

24 January – 24 February 2018


The Festive Days of Early Music 2018 will be preceded by Klangforum Wien’s homages to three Austrian composers who have, in various ways, been precursors of the new times – above all through their compositions, but also as teachers and authors, as stimulators, intermediaries and promoters of the subsequent generation as well as by fulfilling key functions in the musical life of their time.
On the occasion of his 100th birthday on January 24th, 2018, we celebrate Gottfried von Einem with films, word- and sound-documents as well as with performances of some of his chamber music works. This will be followed by portraits of the composers Hans Erich Apostel (January 26) and Karl Schiske (January 28).
The portrait concerts will take place in the intimate space of Klangforum Wien’s rehearsal venue. Due to the limited number of seats available, these three concerts will only be accessible for holders of a General Pass for the Festive Days 2018.

Centre and Periphery

Vienna was, beyond doubt, at the epicentre of the convulsions which irreversibly altered the musical world at the beginning of the 20th century. Here began what to this day is mourned by some as the expulsion from the paradise of major and minor tonality, and hailed as well as exploited by others as the beginning of a seemingly unlimited freedom.
The strong centrifugal forces of these new sounds asserted themselves not only within Europe, but also advanced the incipient process of musical self-discovery across the Atlantic. The results and inventions of this rapidly developing and independent avant-garde in their turn exerted a centripetal influence on the epicentre.
The Festive Days of Early Music 2018 present four concerts with a selection of outstanding works from the decades in which the fundamental principles of musical thought of the present times were first developed.



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