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Matthias Schriefl © Gerhard Richter

Matthias Schriefl


Thursday 31 March 2022



Matthias Schriefl, Trompete, Flügelhorn, Bass-Flügelhorn, Alphorn

Johannes Bär, Posaune, Tuba, Bass-Flügelhorn, Trompete, Alphorn, Beatboxing

Sarah Buechi, Gesang

Susanne Paul, Violoncello


Matthias Schriefl

Straden alle Kirchen

d'Glocka vo Petersthal


Franz Schubert

Der 23. Psalm D 706 »Gott ist mein Hirt« (Bearbeitung: Matthias Schriefl) (1820)

Matthias Schriefl

Straden Hauptpfarrkirche

Die dicke Pummerin


Madrid Mambo

Konstanz Dachreiter


Lied fiard Angelika

Maria Rain




Matthias Schriefl

Rollin Bangalore

Choral 30


Medienpartner Ö1 Club

Subscription series The Art of Brass


Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Metronomes of Life

Anyone moving through big cities rarely experiences silence. Today, the ringing of our cell phones, alarm bells, break bells and Zen apps give us the beat in life, while the ringing from church towers is hardly noticed in the noise of everyday life. Yet the church bells – at the center of every congregation – were for centuries the metronomes to whose rhythm life danced.

In a time of upheaval, Matthias Schriefl wants to consciously dedicate himself to the powerful and varied sounds of different bells. The overtones and triads of the individual bells are to be experienced, that is, something that has always been felt but not yet heard so clearly. Schriefl brings out the complex groove hidden in the often intricate rhythms of the very traditional bell ringing of Central Europe. The excellent instrumentation and scoring of this quartet equalizes and develops the colorful web of sounds in the bells. The pieces and melodies then morph out of the transcriptions of the peals into extensive solos by the four musicians. 

Johannes Bär and Matthias Schriefl variously handle all brass instruments as well as alphorns. Susanne Paul is a versatile virtuoso on her five-string cello. Sarah Büchi displays incredible flexibility and rhythmic adeptness with her voice. All four are jazz musicians and can also look back on a solid classical education. They are open to church music, folk music, pop, South Indian music and new music. With profound compositions, the quartet revives the ancient ritual of bell ringing.


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