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Wolfram Berger

Wolfram Berger © Annick Ramp

Havlicek Peter

Havlicek Peter © Stephan Mussil

Das Berger Havlicek Orchester

»60 Jahre Peter Havlicek – Lebenslinien«

Wednesday 27 September 2023
19:30 – ca. 21:30



Das Berger Havlicek Orchester

Traude Holzer, Stimme

Wolfram Berger, Stimme

Nikolai Tunkowitsch, Violine

Bertl Mayer, Mundharmonika

Wolfgang Puschnig, Saxophon

Christian Bakanic, Akkordeon

Peter Havlicek, Kontragitarre

Peter Rosmanith, Percussion


»60 Jahre Peter Havlicek – Lebenslinien«

Toni Stricker

Unhamlich leicht

Christian Tesak

I glaub i hob Rebleis

Leopold Wisneth

Aus dem Badnerpark. Polka mazur (Bearbeitung: Peter Havlicek)

Peter Havlicek

Leopoldina & Pedro

Hans Lang

Den Wurschtl kann kaner daschlogn

Peter Havlicek

Nur Du – allein!

Joseph Haydn

My heart's in the Highlands Hob. XXXIa/77 (Bearbeitung: Peter Havlicek, Übersetzung: Dieter Berdel) (1792 vor)

Christian Bakanic, Peter Rosmanith


Peter Rosmanith


Jim Lowe

Gambler's guitar »Der lachende Vagabund«

Peter Havlicek


Harry Pepl

Die alte Mär und das Mann

Wolfram Berger

Heissen in Kuba

Kurt Schwitters

Dumme Verse

Peter Havlicek

Musette a trois


I bin holt a stoanaltes Madl. Volkslied (Bearbeitung: Traude Holzer, Peter Havlicek)

Claus Riedl

Paradies (Bearbeitung: Traude Holzer, Peter Havlicek)

Peter Havlicek

woiza um zwaa

Danny Dill

Long black veil (1959)

Paolo Conte

Via con me (1981)



John Lennon

Working Class Hero

Peter Havlicek



Medienpartner Ö1 Club

Subscription series Lieder aus Wien

Links https://www.peterhavlicek.at

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft


The Berger Havlicek Orchestra was once founded on the occasion of a round birthday of Wolfram Berger and now celebrates Peter Havlicek's 60th birthday - and the start of the cycle Lieder aus Wien. Under the motto »Lifelines«, the ensemble is following in the footsteps of the contraguitarist and composer: in addition to works by Harry Pepl, with whom Peter Havlicek studied in Graz until 1991, Havlicek's first Viennese songs from the duo Steinberg & Havlicek with Traude Holzer will be heard, as well as current pieces by the jubilarian. »Peter Havlicek is everywhere. Whether it's rearranging old Viennese instrumentals, digging up Viennese songs [or] combining local traditional with jazz«, the »Falter« said. And even after 40 albums and over 5000 concerts in 35 countries, the musical journey is not over yet!

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