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Strauss Festival Orchester Vienna

Strauss Festival Orchester Vienna © Nancy Horowitz

Strauss Festival Orchester Wien

Strauss Festival Orchester Wien © Nancy Horowitz

Silvester: Strauss Festival Orchester Wien / Büchler

»Mit Dampf ins neue Jahr!«

Friday 29 December 2023
Großer Saal



Strauss Festival Orchester Wien

Willy Büchler, Leitung


Johann Strauß (Sohn)

Accelerationen. Walzer op. 234 (1860)

Electro-magnetische Polka op. 110 (1852)

Eduard Strauß

Electrisch. Polka schnell

Johann Strauß (Sohn)

Telegraphische Depeschen. Walzer op. 195 (1857)

Josef Strauß

Tanz-Regulator. Polka française op. 238

Dorfschwalben aus Österreich. Walzer op. 164 (1865)

Johann Strauß (Sohn)

Express-Polka op. 311 (1866)


Josef Strauß

Geheime Anziehungskräfte »Dynamiden«. Walzer op. 173 (1865)

Johann Strauß (Sohn)

Sekunden-Polka g-moll op. 258 (1862)

Eduard Strauß

Die Hochquelle. Polka mazurka op. 114 (1874)

Josef Strauß

Vélocipède. Polka schnell op. 259 (1869)

Eduard Strauß

Telephon-Polka op. 165 (1878)

Johann Strauß (Sohn)

Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald. Walzer op. 325 (1868)

Eduard Strauß

Mit Dampf. Polka schnell op. 70 (1872)


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Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Viennese swinging

In Viennese style and in waltz-like three-four time, but with a lot of tempo, the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna offers waltzes and polkas by the composer brothers Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss as a lively prelude to the turn of the year - which always comes faster than expected. Pieces such as the waltz »Accelerationen« op. 234, the »Express-Polka« op. 311 and the »Sekunden-Polka« op. 258 by Johann Strauß, the polka »Vélocipède« op. 259 by Josef Strauß and the polka »Mit Dampf« by Eduard Strauß must of course not be missing from such a program.
As an international musical ambassador of the Viennese waltz, the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna has been guaranteeing genuine Viennese musical experiences with an unadulterated sound and plenty of charm for 40 years. On this evening, it will be led by its Principal Guest Conductor Willy Büchler, long-time member of the Eos Quartet and concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, in the tradition of Johann Strauss with violin in hand.

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