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Membership – Patrons


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© Lukas Beck / Dockyard

© Lukas Beck / Dockyard





Affinity to music

Where would the world be without art and where would art be without its patrons? For centuries, it has been the close relationship between patrons and artists that has given birth to great works of artistic value and social importance. The personal encounter with the artist can also turn out to be a challenge, in the best humanist sense. At first glance, an artist’s art and personality may not seem to be in harmony with each other. Only direct dialogue and encounter with the artist in person can help you decide whether the frequently observed dissonance forms the basis and the source of the artist’s creativity. This fascinating and valuable exchange, which patrons have always looked for, is an important of what we offer the patrons of the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Your benefits

• Concert invitations, followed by a reception or dinner with artists;
• Exclusive pre-booking rights for up to two tickets to all Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft events from the start of the season;
• Member's discount on an unlimited number of subscriptions to Kozerthaus cycles, and on up to 30 tickets for any performance presented by the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft.

• Regular invitations to rehearsals and talks with artists;
• Invitation to an exclusive season presentation with the Intendant;
• Free use of the VIP cloakroom and free concert programme;
• Personal contact person for purchasing desired tickets;
• Special advance booking conditions for a range of concerts, a list of which will be notified at the start of the season;
• A complimentary CD from the Konzerthaus collection.

Membership contribution per season (2020/21): from € 2.000,–*
(of which € 1,850,- is tax deductible)

*While the contributions for membership, youth membership, supporting membership and patrons are all offered at a fixed seasonal rate, donations from patrons from € 2.000,–  and upwards per season, as well as a one-off payment from our donors starting from € 45.000,– (companies: from € 75.000,–) are mere guidance values, which thanks to our benefactors’ generosity and frequently surpassed. We can inform you about the tax deductibility of your donation in a personal meeting.

Birgit Zawichowski (+43 1 24200-316, will be happy to answer any questions or to provide further information.

Become a patron now