Monday MON 12 February 2024
Sophie Abraham

Sophie Abraham © Theresa Pewal

Vivi Vassileva

Vivi Vassileva © Julia Wesely

Emmanuel Tjeknavorian

Emmanuel Tjeknavorian © Lukas Beck

Sarah Jeanne Babits

Sarah Jeanne Babits © Max Wegscheidler

Allez hop A

The series of dates A of the cycle "Allez hop" is unfortunately already sold out. We would be pleased to welcome you at one of the other series of dates of the cycle.

Recommended for children from 3 to 5 years


And now everyone!

In the »Allez hop« cycle, three to five-year-olds can look forward to fairytale-like stories and a colourful selection of music. Thanks to a live-animated stage setting, the young audience is immersed in a colourful fantasy world that leads into the realm of flowers. With the enchanting title character Allez hop as well as Poppy (Sarah Jeanne Babits) and Dandelion (Simon Schober), the motto is »And now everyone!«. Musicians such as Thomas Gansch, Sophie Abraham, portrait artist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, »Great Talent« Vivi Vassileva and the Vivid Consort provide the good sound on various instruments. Having fun, discovering new things and playfully fostering musical-creative sensibility - what could be better?

CYCLE AHA: Saturday, 11.00 a.m. (sold out)
CYCLE AHB: Saturday, 2.00 p.m. 
CYCLUS AHC: Saturday, 4.00 p.m. 
CYCLUS AHD: Sunday, 11.00 a.m. 
CYCLUS AHE: Sunday, 2.00 p.m.

Events in this series

SaturdaySAT 12 November 2022

Abraham / Babits / Schober / OMAi
»Um uns herum!«

Saturday 12 November 2022
11.00 AM
SaturdaySAT 17 December 2022

Vivid Consort / Babits / Schober / OMAi
»Was wäre wenn?«

Saturday 17 December 2022
11.00 AM
SaturdaySAT 18 February 2023

Tjeknavorian / Mitterbauer / Fliedl / Babits / Schober / OMAi
»Immer mehr!«

Saturday 18 February 2023
11.00 AM
SaturdaySAT 18 March 2023

Gansch / Schuberth / Babits / Schober / OMAi
»Was kommt denn da?«

Saturday 18 March 2023
11.00 AM
SaturdaySAT 13 May 2023

Vassileva / Campara Diniz / Babits / Schober / OMAi
»Alle zusammen!«

Saturday 13 May 2023
11.00 AM

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