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Klakradl © Stefan Grauf-Sixt


Branko © Michael Pohl

Klakradl / Branko Galoić Quartet

»Kosmopolitische Begegnungen«

Monday 7 March 2022
19:30 – ca. 21:40




Birgit Radeschnig, Gesang, Gitarre, Akkordeon

Nicole Radeschnig, Gesang, Klarinette

Markus Fellner, Klarinette, Percussion, Gesang

Stefan Kollmann, Akkordeon, Gesang

Branko Galoić Quartet

Branko Galoić, Gesang, Gitarre

Francisco Cordovil, Gitarre

Lina Belaïd, Violoncello

Wadie Naim, Percussion, Schlagzeug


»Kosmopolitische Begegnungen«

Birgit Radeschnig

Wet wet nit

Birgit Radeschnig, Stefan Kollmann


Birgit Radeschnig


Birgit Radeschnig, Stefan Kollmann

Fanfare Klakradl


Markus Fellner

Zum Himmel aufe

Birgit Radeschnig


Markus Fellner


Birgit Radeschnig



Birgit Radeschnig, Stefan Kollmann


Christian Bakanic

Dui Dui

Birgit Radeschnig, Markus Fellner



Francisco Cordovil, Lina Belaïd, Wadie Naim, Branko Galoić

Tako los

Cardas i po

Daleki svijet

Fraukje tango


Million ways

Koji ti je vrag!?

Branko Galoić, Francisco Cordovil, Lina Belaïd, Wadie Naim

Devils dance

Francisco Cordovil, Lina Belaïd, Wadie Naim, Branko Galoić


Driving south

Branko Galoić, Francisco Cordovil, Lina Belaïd, Wadie Naim

Angel song

Francisco Cordovil, Lina Belaïd, Wadie Naim, Branko Galoić

Izdaleka dolazis

Burek i strukle

Magic carpets


Im Rahmen der »Woche der Solidarität mit den Menschen in der Ukraine«
Medienpartner Ö1 Club

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Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Cosmopolitan Encounters

The Carinthian music formation Klakradl consists of the cabaret duo RaDeschnig and the jazz/world music duo [:klak:]. Both have been enriching their respective genres for years with great success and have already been awarded numerous prizes. Since their merger in 2015, the quartet has been on the road as Klakradl in German-speaking countries, roaming virtuously through the diverse repertoire of musical styles. A constant companion is the Carinthian dialect, which envelops the virtuoso sounds with a playful down-to-earthness and thus gives the Klakradl its very own musical charm.

The singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist Branko Galoić was born in Ivanić-Grad near Zagreb in 1973. From the beginning, he combined rock music with elements of traditional Balkan music. Branko Galoić's music is rooted in the tradition of former Yugoslavia and mixes with a wide variety of styles from rock to film music and chanson, from reggae to swing to Latin, Arabic and Mediterranean sounds. Over the years, he has played with musicians from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Latin America, Holland, Germany, France and the former Yugoslavia and created his own unmistakable style from all these influences, which has already been compared to troubadours like Jaques Brel or Melingo.

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