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Well-Brüder © Wellbrueder


Wednesday 27 April 2022




Christoph Well, Trompete, Harfe, Flöte, Dudelsack, Alphorn, Zither, Akkordeon, Brummtopf, Alphorn

Karl Well, Klarinette, Steirisches Akkordeon, Gitarre, Saxophon, Kontrabass, Blockflöte, Brummtopf, Alphorn

Michael Well, Tuba, Drehleier, Banjo, Gitarre, Steirisches Akkordeon, Violoncello, Bariton, Solo-Brummtopf, Alphorn


»Aus dem bayerischen Paradies«


Well-Brüder vor Ort


Zeh so weh


Der letzte Pfiff

Unsere tapfere Polizei

Well Well Well

Hölzernes Glaachter

Drehleier XXL

Scola Bavaria

Es spukt

40 Cent

Im Darm

In der Spenderwand

Auf beim Spund

So leb denn wohl, du wunderschönes Sudelfeld

Neue Bauernregeln

Vom bayerischen Paradies

Alphorn Crossover

Schweinsbraten für Europa



Ersatztermin für den 1. April 2022
Medienpartner Ö1 Club

Subscription series Comedy & Music

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Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Bavarian Paradise

They have already given many a man a run for his money: The Well brothers from Biermoos. The siblings from the musical extended family have been on stage in various formations for more than four decades and do not only take the Bavarian politics in their musical cabaret programs. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Biermösl Blosn, the brothers Christoph, Michael and Karl now delve into the Weisswurst universe between the church pew, the pub table and the party book with provocative gstanzln and an extensive range of instruments – also under the aegis of Corona Bavariae. Dialect here does not go hand in hand with stuffiness, but with a pointed tongue. And yet this Bavarian evening of a special kind promises one thing: a hell of a good time.

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