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Stéphane Fuget

Resonanzen: Les Epopées / Fuget

»Lust und Laune in Venedig«

Saturday 28 January 2023



Les Epopées

Claire Lefilliâtre, Sopran

Isabelle Druet, Mezzosopran

Cyril Auvity, Tenor

Mélodie Ruvio, Alt

Hélène Houzel, Violine

Sophie Iwamura, Violine

Claire Gautrot, Viola da gamba

Alice Coquart, Violoncello

Léa Masson, Theorbe

Stéphane Fuget, Cembalo, Leitung


Auszüge aus Venezianischen Opern des 17. Jahrhunderts von Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Cavalli, Antonio Sartorio, Domenico Freschi, Carlo Pallavicino, Giovanni Legrenzi und Marc' Antonio Ziani

Francesco Cavalli

Sinfonia (Eliogabalo) (1667)

1. Akt, Szenen 14 und 15: Eliogabalo, Zotico, Lenia, Gemmira, Atilia (Eliogabalo) (1667)

Claudio Monteverdi

2. Akt, Szene 6: Nerone, Lucano (L'incoronazione di Poppea. Dramma in musica in Prolog und drei Akten) (1642–1643)

Francesco Cavalli

2. Akt, Szenen 13 und 14: Satirinio, Linfea (La Calisto) (1651)

Domenico Freschi

Sinfonia (Tullia superba) (1678)

3. Akt, Szene 3, 4 und 5: Tullia, Curzia, Domizia, Floro, Aureliano (Tullia superba) (1678)

1. Akt, Szene 4: Bireno, Niso (Olimpia vendicata) (1682)

Antonio Sartorio

2. Akt, Szenen 23 und 24: Rodisbe, Sesto, Tolomeo (Giulio Cesare in Egitto) (1676)

Claudio Monteverdi

1. Akt, Szene 2: Melanto, Eurimaco (Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria. Dramma in musica in drei Akten) (1640))

Carlo Pallavicino

Sinfonia (Messalina) (1679)

2. Akt, Szenen 19 und 20: Alindo, Tullio, Claudio, Messalina (Messalina) (1679)

Giovanni Legrenzi

1. Akt, Szenen 12 und 13: Clelia, Vitige (Totila) (1677)

Marc' Antonio Ziani

Sinfonia (Allesandro magno in Sidone) (1679)

1. Akt, Szenen 1 und 18: Taide, Eumene (Allesandro magno in Sidone) (1679)

1. Akt, Szene 1: Gige, Brillo (Candaule) (1680)

Claudio Monteverdi

Finale: Amori, Amore, Venere, Nerone, Poppea (L'incoronazione di Poppea. Dramma in musica in Prolog und drei Akten) (1642–1643)


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»Lust and whimsy in Venice«

Temptation, seduction, voyeurism and unrestrained desire up to and including rape - all this was part of the recipe for success of 17th century Venetian opera and, in particular, of its staging of tyrannical rule. An increasingly gimmicky stage technique also resulted in ever more explicit erotic depictions, against whose backdrop the type of the virtuous hero became ever more sharply defined. Les Épopées, currently among the top 10 best French original sound ensembles, presents a tableau of such historical pleasure scenes between lascivious decadence and the struggle for sexual self-determination at this year's dinner concert.

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