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Phace © Markus Sepperer

PHACE / de Paz

»Professor Bad Trip«

Tuesday 9 January 2024
19:30 – ca. 21:00




Nacho de Paz, Dirigent


Emre Sihan Kaleli

A Dark Light / A Black Sun (2023) (UA)
Kompositionsauftrag von PHACE

Alexander Kaiser

[ˈprɪz(ə)m] (2014–2016)


Fausto Romitelli

Professor Bad Trip: Lesson I (1998)

Professor Bad Trip: Lesson II (1998–1999)

Professor Bad Trip: Lesson III (2000)


Freie Platzwahl

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»Professor Bad Trip«

Fausto Romitelli's work, which is inspired by the descriptions of the effects of mescaline in the works of Henri Michaux, is all about »the artificial, the distorted, the filtered«. Romitelli forges sound sculptures that materialize like surreal musical visions of the deformations, distortions and disfigurements in Francis Bacon's paintings. Influenced by the distorted and »dirty« sounds of psychedelic rock music, Romitelli creates a unique music that unfolds waves of melodic fragments over seductively fragile harmonies, exalted embellishments and rushing glissandi, only to collapse again and again. Material is shaken up, develops expressive metastases, like a virus-infested musical mutant that becomes a beautifully eerie monster and captivates the listener. The music of Alexander Kaiser, who in [ˈprɪz(ə)m] takes on the promises of a perfect world through comprehensive communication surveillance in the Western hemisphere, has a similarly wild outcome. Musically, the piece can be understood as a transformation of energy, with diverse influences from jazz, punk and electronic music merging into a rhythmically pronounced soundscape. There is usually more than enough expressive energy in the music of Emre Sihan Kaleli, who likes to work with intensity, impulsiveness and variability and will contribute a new work for the concert.


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