Michel Camilo © Yasuhisa Yoneda

Michel Camilo Trio & Big Band

«One more Once»

Sunday 13 November 2016
19:30 – ca. 21:30
Großer Saal

Event has already taken place


Michel Camilo Trio

Michel Camilo, Klavier

Cliff Almond, Schlagzeug

Lincoln Goines, Bass

Big Band der Volksoper Wien

Josef Buchartz, Trompete

Andreas Pranzl, Trompete

Christian Wieder, Trompete

Lorenz Raab, Trompete, Flügelhorn

Simon Ertl, Trompete

Alois Eberl, Posaune

Martin Riener, Posaune

Christoph Gems, Posaune

Christian Pointinger, Posaune

Martin Fuss, Saxophon

Ilse Riedler, Saxophon, Klarinette

Thomas Kugi, Saxophon

Helmut Hödl, Saxophon

Fabian Rucker, Saxophon

Rafael Pipio, Tontechnik


«One More Once» (EA)

Michel Camilo

One More Once

Why Not! (EA)

Dreamlight (EA)

Suite Sandrine Part III (EA)

Caletando Men (EA)

Just Like You (EA)

Suntan (EA)

Just Kidding (1985)

Not Yet (EA)



Michel Camilo


On the Other Hand (EA)


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