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»Tiempo Suspendido«

Wednesday 20 March 2024
19:30 – ca. 20:45





Raquel García-Tomás

Estudio Sonomecánico no. 1 – Tiempo Suspendido (2018)

Lorenzo Troiani

La voce delle conchiglie (2022)

Joanna Bailie

Dissolve (2020) (EA)

Daniela Terranova

Rainbow Dust in the Sky (2018) (EA)

Clara Iannotta

Outer Space (Film: Peter Tscherkassky) (2018)


Freie Platzwahl

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Time suspended

A woman, on the run from her own reflection, pursued by invisible opponents, driven into a maddening scenario of annihilation. A horror-like dance of faces and reflections that spills over the edges and takes possession of the space outside. With music by Clara Iannotta, the short film »Outer Space« by Peter Tscherkassky unfolds an almost overwhelming sensual effect. Music and film are closely intertwined in very different ways in »Estudio Sonomecánico no. 1 - Tiempo Suspendido« by Raquel García-Tomás. Rather than a soundtrack or background music for the images, García-Tomás recreates cinematic gestures and movements in the music and approaches standstill and timelessness with thoroughly humorous images of everyday life. Daniela Terranova takes the musical classic »Over the Rainbow«, burned into our collective memory by Judy Garland in the »Wizard of Oz« and a Hawaiian ukulele, as the starting point for »Rainbow Dust in the Sky«. Subtly pulverized and crushed to dust, the traces of the song become nuanced, diluted echoes which, circling meditatively within themselves, suggest the ritual character of a lullaby. Joanna Bailie's »Dissolve« shows a constant, unstoppable flow. Both the film and the sonic events alternate between concrete states and abstract moments in time-consuming transitions, reality blurs beyond recognition. Lorenzo Troiani enters the inner world, playing with the returning resonances and feedbacks in the body of instruments in »La Vocke delle conchiglie«, creating a hidden and mysterious world of sound, as if inside a mussel shell.

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