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Gunar Letzbor © Daniil Rabovsky

Ars Antiqua Austria / Letzbor

Sunday 10 March 2024



Ars Antiqua Austria

Gunar Letzbor, Barockvioline, Leitung


»Musica Caesarea«

Antonio Bertali »Prothimia Suavissima«

Antonio Bertali

Sonate I, IV, V, VI, VII und III (Prothimia Suavissima overo XII Sonate a tre o quattro strumenti e basso) (1672))


Sonate VIII, IX, X und XI (Prothimia Suavissima overo XII Sonate a tre o quattro strumenti e basso) (1672))




Clamor Heinrich Abel

Bataille D-Dur

Subscription series Ars Antiqua Austria


Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Sweetest pleasure

In the second half of the 17th century, the violin was already a fully-fledged instrument that no longer had the odour of primitive dance music. Its sound was already perceived as sweet (»soave«) and close to the human voice. It was no longer considered harsh and loud as it had been half a century earlier. A collection such as that of the Viennese court conductor Antonio Bertali with chamber music for an ensemble of viola da gamba and violins proves that the violin was considered to be at least equal to the noble viola da gamba around 1670. The name »Prothimia Suavissima« (›Sweetest Pleasure‹) quickly draws attention to the special sound quality of both families of string instruments, although dances naturally remain an integral part of the repertoire.

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