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Mnozil Brass © Daniela Matejschek

Rising from the ashes

In the nearly 27 years of its existence, the group Mnozil Brass has played extensively and with great seriousness, even cheerfully. In the new program the rules of the game are changed from the ground up: From now on, Mnozil Brass illuminate the serious things in life with appropriate unseriousness. But to be at the start with the program "Pandæmonium" in these times was not funny even for the seasoned brass players of Mnozil Brass. That is why the septet unceremoniously renamed its program "Phoenix" and did not continue to be sad. Let yourself be lifted out of the ashes with confidence and joy. Tristesse was yesterday!

Tuesday, 13. Oktober 2020, 20.30
Wednesday, 14. Oktober 2020, 20.30

Andres Orozco-Estrada © Peter Rigaud

Welcome Andrés Orozco-Estrada!

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra praises his energy, elegance and esprit: Andrés Orozco-Estrada is their new chief conductor. The Colombian-born composer sets strong thematic accents by placing tone poems by Richard Strauss at the center of his first season. Strauss' tone poem "Ein Heldenleben" will be heard at his inaugural concert. In addition to compositions by Korngold, which the orchestra premiered at the beginning of the 20th century, the "Fanfare" by the young Dutch composer Carlijn Metselaar, commissioned especially for this festive occasion, will also be premiered.

Saturday, 10. October 2020, 19.30
Sunday, 11. October 2020, 19.30

Martin Grubinger © Michael Mazohl

Pure percussion

Finding masterpieces in the classical orchestral literature of the last centuries is truly no problem. But when it comes to percussion, the time frame from which one can draw is somewhat different: "We percussionists depend on what composers have composed for us over the last forty or fifty years," Martin Grubinger notes. But percussion masterpieces do exist as well. Martin Grubinger presents three of them in his program "BIG 3". Among them is the world premiere of Johannes Maria Staud's "Epicentre. Seismic Construction in three parts". Together with five other outstanding percussionists, Grubinger makes the Great Hall shake.

Saturday, 17. October 2020, 18.00
Saturday, 17. October 2020, 20.30

Gabriela Montero © Anders Brogaard

Piano recital Gabriela Montero

Monday, 19. October 2020, 07.30 PM

Valery Gergiev © Alexander Shapunov

Wiener Philharmoniker / Matsuev / Gergiev

Monday, 19. October 2020, 07.30 PM

Lilya Zilberstein © www.lilyazilberstein.com (Ausschnitt)

Piano recital Lilya Zilberstein

Wednesday, 28. October 2020, 07.30 PM

Ian McEwan © Joost van den Broek (Ausschnitt)

Ian McEwan / Angela Hewitt

Tuesday, 15. December 2020, 07.30 PM

Besuch in den Werkstätten der Firma Lobmeyr © Wiener Konzerthaus / Lukas Beck


Ausflug ins funkelnde Paradies: Förderer besuchen die Lobmeyr Lusterwerkstätten

von Wiener Konzerthaus
17.02.2020 um 09:37 | Publiziert in: Allgemein

Einer besonderen Einladung folgten zahlreiche unserer Fördererinnen und Förderer: die Geschäftsführer der traditionsreichen Firma Lobmeyr, Leonid, Andreas & Johannes Rath, luden zu einem spannenden Rundgang durch die antiken Räumlichkeiten der Lobmeyr Lusterwerkstätten und Glasschleiferei bzw. Gravurwerkstatt  in der Salesianergasse 9 im 3. Bezirk, ganz in der Nähe des Wiener Konzerthauses.

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© Julia Wesely

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