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Donnerstag DO 9 Mai 2024
Samstag SA 18 Mai 2024
Donnerstag DO 9 Mai 2024
Samstag SA 18 Mai 2024

New Sound and Experience

Contemporary Chamber Music from China

Freitag 31 Mai 2024
19:30 Uhr


Yongyan Hu, Dirigent


Xiaogang Ye


Xinyi Wu

Falling pear blossoms

Paulo Brito

Serenade in a distant key


Pengfei Yu

Lotus smile

Hang Zou

Tipsy dancing devarajas

Zi'ao Li

Martial spirit

Wing-wah Chan

Phoenix dance


Artistic Director: Prof. Xiaogang YE
Musician and composition from the School of Music of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

China is a vast and ancient country, spanning five time zones from east to west and six temperature zones from north to south, with a history of civilization spanning 5,000 years. The dramatic geographic and climatic differences in this vast land have brought to the people living here a wide variety of lives and broad thinking and nurtured a brilliant, diverse, eclectic, and harmonious Chinese culture.

As an essential link between tradition and modernity, between the local and the global, music has always been an important part of Chinese culture, representing the spirit of every generation of Chinese people. What does new Chinese music look like today? It is not easy to provide a uniform answer to the audience in Vienna. Meanwhile, the eight composers from the School of Music of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), who come from different regions and backgrounds, represent the people living there today. With their music, they will bring us some clues and inspirations about new music in China.

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